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Eurosash, this authentic sash window retains the charm of a past era. The design of the window is truly amazing in its appearance and performance. Those who see it are sure to be impressed by its style. Read on...



This authentic sash window retains the charm of a past era and the design of the window is truly amazing in its appearance and performance. Eurosash, manufactured by Dungannon Windows, uses advanced technology which works in harmony with traditional design to provide an authentic looking window with all the benefits from high performance modern materials. The window has been designed to provide optimum strength, superior thermal properties and excellent weathering performance without any compromise to character or appearance. The stylish eurosash Sliding Sash Window is a long-term, cost effective, maintenance free solution for period-style properties.


The PVC-U profiles are made to the highest standards and include a UV light resistant pigment (which maintains the original colour) and a high impact modifier (to give added strength and withstand cold weather). The chambers of the PVC-U window sections are fully reinforced with steel which adds to stability and strength of both the window and all fixtures and fittings. These factors give us a PVC-U profile which does not degrade, bend or warp. The eurosash Sliding Sash Window proves to be a durable and reliable solution for your home for many years to come.


Thermal properties are enhanced through the use of 24mm ‘low-E’ 1.1 U-Value argon gas filled double glazed units and by the use of new warm edge spacer bars. The old aluminium spacer bars were responsible for conducting the cold from the outside pane to the inside pane, increasing condensation. The warm edge spacer bars reduce this ‘cold bridging’ and therefore reduce condensation. The double glazed units are internally glazed to further add to the window’s security. Weathering performance is increased by our exclusive sealing system and by the use of double pile seals on the sashes and the outer frame.

The BFRC Window Energy Ratings scheme now allows you to make a more informed choice about the energy efficiency of windows by using a consumer-friendly traffic-light style A-E ratings guide. Eurosash is fully certified with windows in class ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’, for more information on the energy rating system please visit the BFRC website - http://www.bfrc.org/consumer/index.aspx

Eurosash - FEATURES

Available in 8 off the shelf colours - standard white, white grained, cream grained, black grained, black grained on white, light oak, light oak on white and rosewood.

  • Every eurosash is fully certified with the BFRC— window energy rating class ‘C’
  • Eurosash B is an upgrade to a fully certified energy rated window, class ‘B’
  • Eurosash A is an upgrade to a fully certified energy rated window, class ‘A’
  • Eurosash SECURE is an upgrade to a security window which has passed the latest test — BS7950 revision 3 2007 for ‘Enhanced Security’
  • Factory glazed ‘Low-E’ 1.1 U-Value argon gas filled double glazing with warm edge spacer bar
  • Exclusive eurosash sealing system in every window to ensure air tightness
  • Fully suited furniture (colour matched) – Gold, Chrome, Satin, White and Black
  • Decorative horns for an authentic look
  • All sash balances are secured by a unique balance retaining clip
  • Woolpile infill strip to greatly enhance appearance
  • Secure internally glazed co-extruded sashes (with less visible gasket)
  • Large & small sash option to give equal glass sightline
  • Ovolo design on outer frame, cill, sashes and beads
  • Tilting inward sashes with tilt restrictors for easy cleaning
  • The top crash stops are profiled (not mitred) for strength
  • Stepped outer frame to provide high weather performance
  • 10 year guarantee on frames
  • Made by specialists who solely manufacture PVC sliding sash and only on precision machinery
Eurosash - OPTIONS
  • Georgian style
  • Victorian style
  • Surface mounted raised external georgian bars (astragals)
  • Standard Georgian Bars (inside double glazed units)
  • Fully integrated fly screen option which is concealed within the frame
  • Arched heads and gothic arches
  • Deep bottom rail effect for traditional appearance
  • Ventilation - Trickle or over glass vents
  • Child friendly restricted openings
  • Snap-in drip trim for extra sealing (covers the cill upstand)


The maximum recommended sizes for standard configuration are 1400mm X 2750MM. Any oversized windows are made in parts and factory joined.